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"We are offering voters in this election a clear choice", says Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever, who is the party's candidate for the Ontario provincial riding of London-Fanshawe.

"On one hand, there are the Liberals, NDP and PCs who want to spend billions of additional dollars on expanded Toronto subways and other public transit. None of them has put forward an explanation about how they will spend billions more while somehow balancing the budget. Meanwhile, Ms Wynne, Ms Horwath, and Mr. Hudak all are prepared to stand idly by as private gas, wind, and solar power generators skin the public for allegedly contractually-guaranteed huge profits: none of them will put an end to already-existing price-fixing arrangements. In fact, whether one is talking about additional wind farms promised by Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, or additional $13B per unit nuclear reactors promised by Tim Hudak's PCs, both the Liberals and the PCs are promising to set us on a course for power bills that continue to increase dramatically. Let us not forget: the debt retirement charge was essentially imposed by the PCs to pay off the debt resulting from expensive nuclear power generation.

"On the other hand there is Freedom Party, which has submitted detailed balanced budget proposals to the Legislature every year since the election of 2011, most recently in February of 2014. Freedom MPPs will not be promising shiny new ponies to the public before we can feed the horses we already have. It is both irresponsible and shameful for the PCs, NDP, and Liberals to be speaking about increasing spending before they balance the budget.

"Similarly, it is not good enough to promise - as Mr. Hudak's PCs are - that decisions about the locations of additional wind turbines should be left to local politicians instead of provincial ones. It is not good enough to prevent the province from entering into more corrupt price-fixing contracts with private power generation companies. The damage being caused by the contracts that already exist must be reversed.

"And it is neither credible nor good enough to say that the three issues in this election "are jobs, jobs, and jobs", as Mr. Hudak's PCs are saying. I have news for Mr. Hudak: when he promises a million jobs, the public loses any ability to trust him, and he undermines faith in politicians in general. He might just as well promise a billion jobs, or a trillion.

"The main issue in this election is trust. Over half of the electorate did not even vote in the last general election. The half truths, the vague equivocations, the promises of something for nothing: all of these things have eroded the public's belief that the government will protect them from abuse. The public increasingly sees government as a partisan tool of certain business and labour interests looking to make a killing at the expense of everyone else. If the abuse is to stop; if the back-room dealing is to end; if the public's trust and hope is to be restored, it will require a new voice in the Legislature, and a new era of government: an era in which a Freedom government balances the books, puts an end to the corruption, and restores trust.

"As the MPP for London-Fanshawe, and as leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario, I promise to work vigorously toward that goal until it is accomplished. The recovery starts as soon as we all agree to stop pinching our noses to vote Liberal, NDP, or PC. It starts with the simple act of marking an X next to the name of your Freedom Party candidate in London-Fanshawe: Paul McKeever.

Backgrounder: About Paul McKeever

The son of an auto-worker and a school teacher, the 48 year old Paul McKeever is the leader of the Freedom Party of Ontario. An employment lawyer and civil litigator since 1997, Paul has won a number of precedent setting appeals, motions, and tribunal hearings concerning disputes between employees and employers. Paul holds a Masters degree in Cognitive Science which he earned at the University of Western Ontario before earning his law degree. Paul articled at the London law firm of Cohen Highley before opening his own solo practice over 17 years ago.

Paul has been chief author of Freedom Party's annual Opposition Budgets, each of which have laid out a detailed method for balancing the provincial budget and providing relief to taxpayers.
His op-ed columns have appeared in the Toronto Star and the Financial Post. He has made numerous appearances on television and radio both as a current affairs panelist and as an interviewee. The consistency of Paul's principled approach to the issues in these appearances and interviews can be viewed or heard via Freedom Party's online archive.

Paul is happily married to Kathryn, and is the father of two sons.